Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites 01

Oh hey there! I’m back after taking a few months off and I’m hoping to make a more regular appearance over here on the old blog. It’s Friday, THANK YOU JESUS, and I’m linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea whose blogs I’ve been following for years. If you haven’t checked them out before, you need to!

Today I’m talking about some of my favorites…which is a random mix of the things I’m loving lately.

  1.  If you’re like me and you follow a lot of bloggers or insta bloggers, you have most definitely heard of this Revlon hair dryer/volumizer thingamajig. I resisted the urge to purchase one for months, thinking “I don’t really need to add one more thing”. Ladies, I’m hear to tell you that you DO need to add one more thing!  I’m now wishing I’d bought it MUCH sooner!! My hair is fine but on the thicker side, coupled with the fact that it’s also long, my hair takes a LONG time to dry. This dryer has cut my dry time in half and because it acts as a round brush as well, I don’t even have to style it afterwards! #winwin
  2.  The new Stash Pocket Salutation Pant from Athleta is AMAZING. The length will look short but the pants just glide on and fit like their previous 7/8 pants. I have them in mineral brown and absolutely love them. They have two pockets, one on the side of each leg and higher waistband. Any other Athleta fans out there? What’s your favorite item right now?Salutation Stash Pocket
  3. The 3 Tiered Galvanized Stand from Pottery Barn is also a current fav. I love decorating to coordinate with the current season. If you use a tiered stand for décor at your house too, I’d love to see your inspirational pics!
  4. These Superfood Veggie Cakes from Costco are one of my favorite things to grab for breakfast, or really any time of day, when I’m on the go. They taste delicious and I’m glad that they’ve also got veggies in them too, as I typically have to work to get more veggies into my diet. Try these and you won’t be disappointed!img_7988
  5.  My Final favorite this week is my most favorite book from 2019, “Where the Crawdads Sing“.  It took me a while to get into this book but I kept pushing through because so many people had recommended it to me and told me how good it is. I promise you won’t be disappointed either, it’s totally worth the read and will have you thinking about the book long after you’ve finished reading it!Where the crawdads sing


Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!  I’d love to hear about your favorites too so post them in the comments! Until next week!


Melissa @ Finding My Mojo

Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorties Link-up pic

Happy Friday everyone! I don’t know about you but I think these weeks are just going by faster and faster. This is one of our very last Friday’s of summer, so I’m hoping to take the kids out to do something fun today!

Today I’m linking up with A Little Bit of Everything to share my Friday Favorites!


Last week, Jared and I escaped for a long weekend away in Newport, RI and THAT was definitely one of my FAVORITES! It’s not often that we get to spend multiple nights away with just the two of us so this trip was much needed!  The city of Newport now tops the list of my favorite places and I can’t wait to go back. I’m hoping to give you all the deets on  a blog post next week!


Just before we left on vacation, Camryn had her first “sleepover” in Laney’s room and my two girlies are definitely my FAVORITE. The girls were sooooo excited about their sleepover! My bet was on them not being able to actually go to sleep and Camryn ending up back in her crib. Thanks to a long summer day of adventures, these two were extra tired and sound asleep before I knew it!


If you see these at Trader Joe’s, I want you to think long and hard as to whether not you’re going to give them a try. These things are AMAZING and a FAVORITE recent find but be prepared to have more than one to satisfy your sweet tooth. Yumm! Parker actually saw me put these in the freezer, so the two of us went bananas over them! So. Good! And healthy right?!? Because Bananas.


Okay ladies, if you give the Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew with sweet cream a try it will become your new FAVORITE way to drink coffee, it’s THAT GOOD! It’s been one of my go to pick-me-ups since I discovered it a couple of weeks ago!


This Oribe Soft Lacquer is one of my FAVORITE hair products. My hair stylist recommended it years ago and it’s been a part of my life ever since. You spray this product on your hair after it’s fully dried but before you use any hot styling tools and it helps to hold the curl/wave. You can still use a finishing spray afterwards! I did a quick search of it to provide a link and it looks like it sells at most places for $36, which to me seems like a lot, but it literally lasts FOREVER!

That’s it for my favorites this Friday! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Melissa @ Finding My Mojo

Summer Bucket List~ Part 1


I can’t believe we’re already in the second week of August. *sigh It’s going by so quickly and we haven’t even covered half of our bucket list yet! Not gonna lie…at this point, the kids are driving me bananas more often than not but I’m just hanging onto the realization that the snow will be flying before we know it. We’re just going to do our best to enjoy the last of these summer days and check off the rest of our bucket list!

Today, I’m going to highlight some of the things we’ve enjoyed most this summer!

At the end of the school year, both of the older kids came home with summer reading challenges as well as some reading challenges from local bookstores. One of our favorite bookstores is Wild Rumpus in Minneapolis. The store is tucked away on a quaint side street near Lake Harriet, which makes taking a picnic lunch on your little day trip the perfect idea! From the moment you arrive, the uniqueness of this gem of a bookstore greets you at the door. There’s a tiny door for the kids to enter and a larger door for the adults, though you could also crawl through the dwarf sized door and you probably wouldn’t get any strange looks. Ha!  Inside of the bookstore, there is a HUGE variety of books for all ages as well as some novelty items. The staff is super helpful and friendly and can even order books to be delivered to your door if they aren’t currently in stock. My kids found titles in Wild Rumpus that they hadn’t come across before in other bookstores which is really fun! Perhaps the most unexpected part of this one of a kind bookstore is that there are actually several pets that call the bookstore home and roam the shelves freely. The kids love trying to see if they can spot all of the pets as some of them are fairly elusive. Ha! (I wonder why:)    I think my favorite pet would be either Caldecott the chinchilla or Neil the chicken. Perhaps yours would be the tarantula. #nothanks  If you live locally and haven’t been to Wild Rumpus, it’s a must see for sure!



Another one of our favorite places to visit in the summer is Como Town!  We haven’t quite mustered up the courage to take the kids to the Minnesota State Fair so when it comes to rides their experience is pretty limited and their exposure hasn’t been more than Como Town and a trip or two to ValleyFair. Como Town is located in St. Paul and is in the same vicinity as Como Zoo and The Como Park Conservatory. Entrance into all 3 destinations is free, however, a donation is encourage!  I love Como Town because it’s not very big and is super easy to check out most of the attractions within just a few hours. Being that my kids are between the ages of 2-8. I try to find things that all 3 would be interested in or entertained by and this stop fits the bill! You could easily checkout Como Zoo while you’re there too and make a day of it!



This year, we visited Fawn-Doe-Rosa in St. Croix Falls, WI for the first time. I’ve heard about it over the years and had just never gotten around to making the trip and I’m so glad we finally got around to it! This place is so neat, upon entrance to the park you will be greeted by so.many.deer just lounging around, waiting for you to come feed them some of the food you purchased in the store along with your admission ticket. The park is huge and there’s a trail that winds it’s way through, you’re welcome to “offroad it” but I would not recommend it as there are lots of animal droppings for you step in, insert clenched teeth emoji here. I mean…unless you’re into testing your ability to determine which animal the “scat” came from?! Let’s just stop there and say stick to the trail. There were also chicken, goats, pigs, bunnies, racoons, etc. Laney and Camryn even enjoyed taking a ride on the ponies! There aren’t any real food options at Fawn-Doe-Rosa, so I would definitely recommend packing a picnic lunch. There are tons of picnic tables and a playground for kids to play on once their done!


One thing we have not missed out on this summer is our share of ice cream!  We have made it to a few of our summertime favs and even added some new ones into the mix this year! Here are a couple of pics of our recent stops!

Knoke’s Chocolate and Nuts in Hudson, WI



Valley Sweets Ice Cream in St. Croix Falls, WI


Selma’s Ice Cream in Afton, MN



Some of the other boxes we’ve checked on our summer bucket list are: campfire in the driveway with neighbors, sleepover with friends, annual family vacation (read more on our trip to Ohio here) , movie on a rainy, corn on the cob cookout (which I blogged about here).

What’s on your summer bucket list?1 I’d love to add some more things to our list and can’t wait to recap the rest of our summer in a couple of weeks. Should I be embarrassed by the fact that it will probably include at least a few more ice cream shops? Ha!

Thanks for stopping by!


Melissa @ Finding My Mojo


Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorties Link-up picHappy Friday everyone! It’s been a really busy week, so unfortunately I haven’t been back to blog at all since my last Friday Favorites!  #oops Today I’m linking up with A Little Bit of Everything, Momfessionals and Grace and Love blogs to bring you this week’s roundup of favorite things.

Sur La Tab Multifunction Pot~

I know you’re thinking “what a super exciting favorite”! Ha! Last Sunday, we had a cookout on the driveway with some of our neighbors (also a favorite) and Jared went and picked up 4 dozen ears of sweet corn to throw on the grill. As a child, Jared grew up with his Grandfather’s perfect technique of buttering the corn. Jared said what he needed was a pot large enough to fully dip the ear of corn in and narrow enough that there wouldn’t be more liquid in the pot than necessary. Insert this multi-functional pot he picked up at Sur La Table! It was the perfect size for dipping the ears of corn.  Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly the corn was dipped in. So, you fill the pot up with enough water so that the corn can be fully submerged if you dip it in with tongs. Then, add 1-2 sticks of butter and boil. Take the mixture off of the burner and the butter will have risen to the top. There you have it, corn on the cob dipping perfection.



IKEA Hemnes Dresser

This dresser is one of my favorites this week, I love it so much that this is actually the second one we’ve bought to have in one of the kid’s room. I love it because it’s large enough to really hold a lot the kids clothing and extra linens. You also can’t beat the price, only $249. The drawer pulls that come with it are pretty basic, so I ordered my own off of Amazon to dress it up a bit. If you’re familiar with IKEA, then you know that you have to put the furniture together yourself.  We found this to be a pretty easy assembly process too! Hemnes Dresser

Magnolia Journal

I LOVE when the Magnolia Journal arrives at my house! There’s just something about Chip and Joanna that totally fills my cup and warms my heart. I think 2 journal issues ago is when she featured a delicious Banana Chocolate Chip Bread recipe that the kids loved. This time, I’m not sure if she had me at Crème Brule or S’mores first…either way I’m totally making this! Yumm!! I don’t know about you all but I never subscribe to magazines any more, I think the Magnolia Journal is the only one. What magazine subscription do you still receive? Comment below if you think I’m missing out on any great mags!


Chalkboard Paint

A couple of years ago, Jared put his handyman skills to work and spruced up our back mudroom area. One of the things I asked for was a chalkboard area above the kid’s backpack and coat hangers to write their names or special messages on. He did a GREAT job but one of the first times I wrote on the wall I had used a chalk marker. It didn’t do any real damage but I think the paint was too porous for the chalk marker and you could always kind of see where the marker had bled through the chalk paint. So….after years (not exaggerating), I finally got around to repainting the area with chalk paint. Part of me was nervous that it wouldn’t turn out for some reason…it’s chalk paint though which is pretty forgiving so I’m not sure what I thought could go wrong. Anyway, I gave it a fresh coat of pain and everything looks good as new. If anyone has any suggestions on a better chalk utensil to use on this type of pain, I’d love to hear it!

Final and Most Fabulous Favorite

I’m loving checking off summer bucket list items with these three!


Thanks for reading along this Friday and for stopping by my page. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend!


Melissa @ Finding My Mojo

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday ladies! We made it!!Finding My Mojo Blog

On Fridays I link up with Grace and Love, Momfessionals and A Little Bit of Everything blogs to share what things we’re favoriting this week! Here it goes ladies:

  1. Phone mount for my car ~starting August 1 the state of Minnesota highway patrol is going to crack down on drivers using their phones while operating their vehicles. While it’s always been illegal to do anything other than talk or use GPS on your phone while driving they will be more strictly enforcing these laws and have said only “one touch” operation of the phone will be allowed. I use my GPS all day long on days that I work and often have my phone in my hand to see the route more clearly so this device is super handy for me. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks and really love it!

2. Justin’s Dark Peanut Butter Cups~ I feel like if I don’t have something with chocolate on my favorite list every week…I haven’t really listed all my favorite things. #whoswithme  I picked these up at Target but I know they sell them at most grocery stores and even sell them individually wrapped at Starbucks. All I’m going to say is YUMM!


3. Kid’s Bog Boots~

Apparently Camryn was just as excited as I was when these beauts showed up at our door. I ordered them during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, which is still going on, and they were such a good price! We love these boots around our house because you can wear them in the rain and snow (they are made to withstand temps up to -30deg which we need here in the frozen Tundra) , they’re SUPER durable and the kids can easily take them on and off themselves. I usually buy 1 size up for each of the kids so they can get a couple of seasons out of them!

Findingmy Mojo Blog
Swimsuit…optional, boots are a non-negotiable. Ha!

4. Birkenstocks

I talked about my love for my Birks in an earlier post this week when I mentioned what I’m wearing. I wear them ALL THE TIME and I’m so glad I got them. They’re super comfortable, durable and I can wear them with just about anything. Win. Win. Win!


5. This Girl on a Swing~ Camryn loves to swing on swings and she is just the sweetest because she just keeps saying “higher, higher, go higher”! I swear she thinks she’s about to touch the sky. I love her so and SHE is one of my favorites! Ovi, I just realized I have not one but three pics of her on this post #sorryotherkidsbut2yearoldsarecute


6. Vacation Bible School~ Laney had vacation bible school this week and she totally LOVED it. Seeing her learn more about how much God loves her is one my favorite things too.


7. Stella and Dot~ Jewels from Stella&Dot have been one of my favorite things for a long time. When I saw the fall line come out a couple of weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to be more than just a customer and that I wanted to spread the SD love myself! I’m excited to have joined one of my favorite companies! Woot! Woot!


Thanks for stopping by today! Have a great weekend!


Melissa @ Finding My Mojo

What’s Up Wednesday

What's Up Wednesday

It’s the last Wednesday of the month and that means I’m linking up with Mix and Match Mama and Sheaffer Told Me To for their What’s Up Series where we talk about…what’s happenin’ these days!

1.What We’re Eating This Week

During the school year, we have activities just about every night after school…which makes every night equally hectic when it comes to planning out what’s for dinner. I find that I am a lot less stressed if we at least have a plan for the week for dinner, even if it means we’re going out!

During the summer, we’ve been fortunate to have only 2-3 weeknights with organized activities which means a lot more flexibility and less rush when it comes to dinner time! I work Monday/Wednesday which also happens to be when Delaney has soccer so I’ve decided from here on out, those nights will be either Crockpot or Instapot meals.

I usually only meal plan Monday thru Thursday and then we wing it on the weekends. This week’s menu is made up of recipes from my Pinterest Board. I have a board called “This Week’s Menu” that I move recipes for the week to so I can access them quickly.  Here’s what’s on the menu this week for us:

2. What I’m Reminiscing About

I’m reminiscing about the road trip we took to Ohio a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about it on Monday’s blog if you want to go back and read it! Even though it can get a little crazy sometimes taking the kids out of their “element” ; I love spending uninterrupted one on one time with them and taking them to see new things. We try to take them on a summer vacay each summer and usually the end of our little trip also means summer is nearing it’s end too. Time goes so fast and I want to enjoy these moments with kids while they still enjoy being with me!  What are you reminiscing about?!

Mojo Travels~Summer Road trip

4. What We’ve Been Up To

While we love to watch Parker play baseball, we’ve been enjoying the fact that we only have Delaney playing sports right now. We have more free time without all the activities going on so we’ve been checking things off on our summer bucket list! I think I’m going to blog about the things we’ve done so far on our list in the next week or two! What are we missing from our SUMMER BUCKET LIST?


5. What I’m Dreading

The kids going back to school! As much as I need a break some days, I still love to have them home with me!

6. What I’m Working On

I don’t think I’m really working on anything right now…this is making me think I better start!

7. What I’m Excited About

We are going to spend the last week of summer vacation up at my parent’s house on the lake and I’m really looking forward to some relaxation with the kids!

8. What I’m Watching/Reading

I’m finishing listening to Beartown on Audible at the moment. A friend highly recommended the book to me because we’re a hockey family but I never really got into it. We started listening to the book on our way home from Ohio so I’m wondering if maybe I was just too distracted to really tune into it. If you’ve read it and loved it, let me know maybe I’ll give it another shot.


I’m not really watching anything at this point…after binge watching all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones in the month of June (#iprobablyshouldntadmitthat) , I’m feeling like I could do without TV for awhile.

9. What I’m Listening To

I typically listen to Podcasts when I’m driving and usually tune into Rise, Parenting Beyond Discipline, Rise Together, Ted Talks, Goal Digger and Oprah’s super soul conversations.

10. What I’m Wearing

I’ve been wearing a whole lot of athleisure this summer but no matter what I’m wearing 99.9% of the time I also wearing my Birkenstocks. This is the first pair I’ve owned and I LOVE them. Side note~ did you know that you’re supposed to seal the core whenever it starts to loose it’s shininess?

Finding my Mojo~ what's up wednesday

11. What I’m Doing this Weekend

This weekend we have dinner plans with friends on Friday, I work on Saturday  and Sunday we have the day all to ourselves. Hoping to do something outdoors and maybe have a bonfire!

12. What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month

Next month Jared and I are taking a trip to Newport, RI and we’re super excited! If any of you have been, comment below with any tips or things we must see/do!

13. What Else is New:

As they say, no news is good news!

Thanks for stopping by!


Melissa @ Finding My Mojo


Mojo Travels- Summer family road trip.


A couple of weeks ago, our family of five took a little mini road trip from Minnesota to Ohio to visit family.  I had never been to Ohio before or driven further than Chicago, so we were really unsure of where to stop along the way. Through my research, I use that term loosely, of our route I discovered Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, which is just 45 minutes of north of Chicago. The pictures of the lakeshore were beautiful and had me very interested in checking it out more but when I looked into where to stay, the options were pretty slim. We decided to break the trip up by stopping in Wisconsin Dells first, followed by Indiana Dunes and then finish our journey on the 3rd day by reaching our destination in Ohio.


We love to visit Wisconsin Dells both during the summer and winter months and we always stay at the Wilderness Resort. They have many different lodging options to accommodate a wide variety of group sizes and events. There are 3 outdoor pools on property, as well as 2 indoor ones so no matter the weather you’ll find entertainment for the kids! Being that we only had one day in the Dells, we spent out entire day at the pool and just ordered pizza to our room to keep it easy. When we have more time to spend in the Dells, we enjoy going to see the Tommy Bartlett Show, ride the Army Ducks and spend an afternoon walking around downtown. We’ve also eaten at Ishnala many times. The meal is served  old school supper club style but my favorite thing about this restaurant is it’s location. The restaurant is actually build into a cliff and one side of the restaurant is completing covered in windows allowing you to see a beautiful view of Mirror Lake.


Day 2

Our kids are early risers so we were on the road and headed to Indiana Dunes by 8am and reached the Dunes visitor center by noon.  Indiana Dunes is on the northern part of Indiana along the Lake Michigan shore.  I would totally recommend stopping at the visitor center before you go anywhere else to find out more about the area if you aren’t already familiar. There are many hiking trails, beaches and other ecological points of interest in the area.


There are several beaches in the area but we enjoyed spending our time at  Ogden Dunes and West Beach the most. If you forget your beach chairs and sand toys they sell them at their little canteen. We ate lunch at The Port and were sadly not impressed, the food was just not good but we loved the old fashioned diner concept!  We ate dinner at El Salto in Chesterton and unfortunately that was not very good either. Our dining experiences in the Dunes were a total bust, so if you’ve been before and have some insider recommendations on where to eat, where to stay and what to do send them my way!


Side note, just before the trip I got Camryn some Keen sandals. I my opinion either these or Native shoes are THE BEST SHOES for kids, you can get them wet, they stay on your feet well and they clean up easy. I’m so glad she had these on the trip! As for me, I lived in my Athleta shortsAthleta shorts and Birks!


Day 3-5

On the third day we woke up and hit the road early again, with the time change we didn’t end up getting to our destination until mid afternoon. The kids really enjoyed spending time with their cousins and practically lived at the pool during our stay!



I love to get my morning coffee from local establishements and got a delicious mocha from the Fox in the Snow, it was delicious and so was their blueberry galette. I would totally recommend treating yourself if you ever find yourself near a Fox and the Snow!


Before we headed out for the day, we had lunch at Hot Chicken Take Over. My sister-in-law thought we had to stop there because Parker LOVES friend chicken and let me tell you, this place did not disappoint! So. Good!!

All smiles after an amazing lunch! Gimme all the chicken! HA!

Next we visited Legoland Columbus and although the kids love legos and enjoyed their time at Legoland I don’t think I would go again.


After Legoland, we went to Johnson’s Ice Cream. It was amazing, so good that the kids devoured their cones so fast I didn’t get a chance to take a pic!

On our last day we once again spend the day at the pool until late afternoon when we packed up and headed for home. The drive was a bit too long for our youngest, she just couldn’t find a comfortable way to sleep…I don’t blame her after a 12 hour drive. Next time, we’d probably break the trip home up too!


Thanks for stopping by and reading about our little trip!  I always enjoy having some type of adventure on the calendar, where is your favorite place to take your family or what have been your favorite road trips? I’d love to hear!

Happy Monday!

Melissa @ Finding My Mojo

Weekend Recap~ Easter Edition!

I’m a little late to the game as far as my weekend recap goes, it’s Wednesday already! Better late than never though right?!



We had a long Easter weekend, as the kids had Good Friday off from school. The weather here in Minnesota has been just beautiful and the kids and I spent the entire day outside on Friday. Parker loves all things hockey and spent HOURS rollerblading and playing street hockey. The girls played on the swing set, drew pictures on the driveway with chalk and blew bubbles. We also hit up the park with a bunch of neighborhood kids. On Friday night, we went to Parker’s indoor flag football game and then went back home to greet my parents and Grandma who stayed with us for the weekend.

On Saturday, my mom, sister, grandma, Delaney and I treated ourselves to mani/pedis before heading out to Marx Fusion Bistro in Stillwater for lunch.


If you’re ever in the Stillwater, MN area you have to have lunch or dinner at this restaurant, I’ve never had a meal there that wasn’t delicious!  One of my favorite things on the menu is their warm goat cheese salad. #givemeallthegoatcheese


After lunch we checked out some cute shops along main street. I found these dishcloths at Scandinavian North . These are seriously the best dishcloths EVER! (you know you’re getting old when dishcloths are exciting)  Prior to my discovery of these clothes, I mostly used handknit clothes that my grandmother makes. My sweet grandma has been able to replenish my stock over the years but she’s winding down from making them. I love how absorbent and malleable these Swedish cloths are. I feel like other ones I’ve gotten from the store are too stiff. (I guess I’m particular about my dishcloths, Ha!)



On Saturday night, we went back to my brother and sister-in-laws house for my mom’s 60th birthday celebration! We had so much fun having everyone together. Last minute, I decided to grab Chicken Street Taco Platters from Costco. I wasn’t sure how they’d taste but I’m so glad we gave them a try, they were delish and so easy to serve a crowd!


On Sunday morning, the kids awoke to find their Easter baskets hidden by the Easter bunny. Of course, Parker and Laney’s baskets were harder to find than the year before. The bunny doesn’t like the hunt to be too easy for them! After they searched for their baskets they hunted for eggs inside the house.


The BEST part of the weekend was attending our church’s Easter service. We are very blessed to have a wonderful church and pastor. He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!



Following the church service my family all came back to our house for Easter dinner. I didn’t take any picture of our feast and I wish I had so I could share the recipes along with pictures. #nexttime Surprisingly enough, I did take pictures of my Easter themed Oreo Truffles and I’ll share the recipe below.


Oreo Truffles


  • 1 15oz package of original Oreos
  • 8 oz cream cheese-softened
  • white melting chocolate
  • Easter/holiday themed sprinkles


  • Crush Oreos into fine pieces, I used my food processor.
  • Mix cream cheese and Oreo pieces well using mixer.
  • Shape the mixture into approximately 30 balls
  • Refrigerate cookie balls for an hour or freeze for 20 minutes to allow the cookie balls to firm up
  • Dip the cookie balls into melted chocolate, I used food coloring to create pastel colors. Sprinkle with holiday sprinkles before chocolate sets!


I hope you all had a very blessed Easter!


Melissa @ Finding My Mojo

Friday Favorites!

Hello and Happy Friday everyone! Today I’m linking up with Erica,  Narci and Andrea again for their Friday Favorites link up.


Friday Favorties Link-up pic

Entryway Table Makeover

Several months ago, I was inspired by Pinteresting Plans Entryway Table and my own make over has since been in the process. Finally, this week I got sick of seeing half of the table bare and I enlisted the help of a friend and I successfully completed the look!57609319021__fbcdb87f-6752-4b70-9822-1015e96bc7ec

  1. The two succulent hanging vases~ Hobby Lobby
  2. Hurricane Candle Holders~ Target
  3. Rectangle plant~ mine was from Home Good but HEREs a cute one!
  4. Pottery Pitcher and Jar~ Target
  5. Hourglass ~mine was from Home Goods but you can find similar HERE
  6. Woven Tray~Target
  7. Plant Terrarium~ Home Goods (similar HERE)
  8. Table~ Home Depot
  9. Drawer Pulls~ Home Depot


Duncan Hines Dessert in a cup

If I’m being honest, I actually bought these for Jared as a stocking stuffer this past Christmas. He LOVES brownies and ice cream but only loves them when they’re fresh out of oven leaving me and my not so great willpower to stay away from the rest of the pan. I thought these would be a good alternative to making a whole pan of brownies. While fresh ones from the oven are definitely better, these were pretty good too!

Converse tennis shoes

I have had these shoes for a couple of years and love wearing them with just about  during the spring and summer, they’re a great transitional shoe. They’re currently on hiatus again as we recover from yet another winter snowstorm here in MN, ugh!




I bought this backpack last spring before we went to Disney World. I thought it was cute and functional, I wasn’t sure how well it would hold up considering it’s price but a year later it’s still going strong!  Many times, I ditch my handbag and just have this backpack to hold #allthethings. #momofthree I got it off of Amazon, you can see it HERE. There are several other colorways to choose from as well!



Press on Gel Nails

Call me crazy ladies, but these things are on my Favorite list this week. #notyourmamaspressonnails A couple of months ago one of my good friends randomly said she needed to “do her nails” and pulled this package out. They are a set of gel press on nails that you can apply at home.  Don’t get me wrong, there’ s nothing better than going into a salon and getting pampered but these are totally awesome if you’re short on time or don’t want to spend the money on regular nail appointments. The package costs around six dollars and there are 3 applications worth.  I found them SUPER easy to apply and have seem them in several different colors. I’ve seen them at Amazon, Target and CVS. Has handout else tried them? What did you think?  This being the first time I’ve tried them, I’d love to hear any tips you have on filing them down and perfecting your at home manicure!


That’s it for my favorites this week! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!!


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Hello Monday~Weekend Recap!


Happy Monday everyone, I’m linking up with Lindsay, Heather, Johannah and Tanya today and recapping our weekend!  We kicked off the weekend with a hockey game Friday night, #ofcourse and while Parker and Jared were away at the game Delaney was having a playdate at our house! I didn’t take any pics of Friday evening but here’s one of Camryn snoozing away before the big kids got home from school. #bestillmyheart


On Saturday morning we went to see the Easter Bunny. We always visit the bunny at the community center within our housing association. They always do a great job with photos and also have crafts, a petting zoo and refreshments for everyone to enjoy.   The photos of the kids with the Easter Bunny were too funny. Even before it was our turn, Camryn caught a glimpse of the bunny behind the sheer curtain. The moment she saw him, she began clinging onto Jared for dear life and she absolutely WOULD NOT let go. Ha!  Her smile says it all, her teeth are clenched and she’s doing a funny half smile…poor girl.   The girl’s dresses are from Matilda Jane and their bows are from One Stop Bow Shop. If you have little girls and haven’t tried their bows yet, you’re missing out! They are very well made and come in every color under the sun as well as a zillion different patterns.



After we had our picture taken, the kids enjoyed petting the baby chicks and coloring pictures for the coloring contest.


On Sunday morning  we went to church and then went to the pet store. Parker started asking for a pet lizard a few months ago. My answer had been a consistent “no” for a long time but then he started asking for one again. I explained to him that he would have to save up for and purchase the lizard himself. Well, he was able to pull together enough money and we ended up with a new family pet. Ha! I’m actually not really thrilled about having a reptile in our house but I remember my own parents being willing to allow me to have a pet hamster as a child and because of this I was willing to allow Parker a pet I didn’t really want as well. Parker is very excited to have his new pet 🙂


We spent the rest of the day watching football and enjoying the nice weather! It’s supposed to get really cold again this week in Minnesota, ugh! Have a wonderful week!



Melissa @ Finding My Mojo