Friday Favorites 

Happy Friday Everyone! Kicking off today with a list of some of my favorite things this week and I’m linking up with Shay over at Mix and Match Mama!

1. This week Laney had her first day back to school and this pic of my sweet girl is definitely one of my favorites!    I especially loved that when I asked her what she wants to be when she grows up she said “Rapunzel”. #goals Parker said he wants to be a ponytail…”so I can sit on top of your head”. #goals #wheredotheycomeupwiththisstuff


My 2nd favorite is my Hydroflask water bottle, I find that when I’m drinking out of a water bottle throughout the day I drink far more than I would if I were just filling up a glass. I got my Hydroflask last year for Christmas. I had done some “research” and this one came out on top in terms of its durability and capacity to keep beverages cold/warm for an extended period of time. Anyone else have a favorite water bottle? I’m looking for a new travel coffee mug, preferably one that’s not glass and holds up to 12oz…any recommendations?



My 3rd favorite thing this week is my Nespresso machine. #dontknowwhereidbewothoutit. I seriously love my morning cup of coffee, largely because of how frothy and delicious this machine brews it! If you any good recipes to make lattes, mochas, etc. comment below!


And lastly, my 4th favorite this week is my coffee cup rack. I mean I’m really on a roll with the Nespresso machine so I should probably talk about my cups, right?! I love my random mix of coffee cups. Some of them have been purchased on vacation or have been picked up on a whim because I liked the quote. My favorite is a coffee mug from Harrods in London that my Grandma gave me. My sister and I traveled there years ago, before I started drinking coffee, so it brings back memories of that time!


That’s it for my Favorites this Friday, have a great weekend!!

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