Weekend Recap!

I don’t know about you but we tried to cram as much FUN! into this past weekend as we possibly could before summer is officially over and our oldest is back to school.  My husband, maybe I should refer to him as Mr. Mojo 🤣,  played hooky on Friday so we had a nice 4 day weekend.

Friday started with Mr. Mojo getting embarked on a home project that was set in motion by my desire to have some hooks to hang the kids backpacks that THEY could actually reach. Here’s a pic of before, during and….you’ll have to just wait in suspense for the finished product. Let’s just pray it’s not too long!

We took a break midday and headed to Como Town, which is in St. Paul. It was our version of a Fair day.  Typically, Mr. Mojo and I go to the fair with other couples and this year we just didn’t get it on the books. With 3 littles, we opted for a less chaotic option and  chose Como Town.   Como Town shares it’s home with Como Zoo and the Como Park Conservatory. I would say the rides are geared towards children 10 and under and there is an outdoor park for the kids to play in as well. Parker and Laney enjoyed the “race cars” and even got a driver’s license when they were all through.  Anyone who’s seen Laney drive her Jeep on the street, knows that she’s not the most attentive driver and I’m glad she has a long time to work on that!

Friday night I went out with my girlfriends to celebrate my friend Amy’s birthday and let me tell you we had SO! Much! Fun!!  We started with a quick champagne toast (Mumm Rose’ is delicious!!)  and then headed out to dinner at an amazing restaurant in Stillwater called Lolo’s. The wait can be long, especially on a Friday night in the summer, however as fate would have it we were able to be seated right away. The food at Lolo’s cannot be beat. I had the fish tacos and fries and we shared brussel sprouts and asparagus for appetizers. Yumm!  After dinner, we headed to a local dive bar where we proceeded to dance and sing the night away to the beats of one of our favorite local bands, Good for Gary. Let me tell you these suburban moms out on the town have some mad dancing skills!


We spent Saturday and Sunday with friends enjoying the beautiful weather and hanging out at the neighborhood pool.



I can’t believe Summer 2017 is coming to a close!  Summers always go by way too quickly but now that I have one that’s in school, it seems to have gone that much quicker. Even though things get crazy at times having all 3 kids home all day and our house looks like a tornado went through it on most days, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Thanks for visiting my page!






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