Workin’ on My Fitness


I searched for “fitness motivation” and this came into my feed, I had to laugh. I’m almost certain I won’t be turning into a “badass” anytime soon, but this made me chuckle. In an effort to “find my Mojo”, I’m going to start working hard at getting back into a regular fitness routine. I work professionally as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, so fitness is my jam and it’s what I preach all day long but at the end of the day I rarely make time to incorporate fitness into MY OWN life!  The days are so long sometimes when the baby is typically up around 6am and the day DOES. NOT. STOP! until well after 9pm.  A full night’s sleep is a luxury for me at this stage in my life but I wouldn’t trade those middle of the night snuggles for the world!

This is typically how I start my day! Poor Camryn doesn’t look like she loves how I’m holding her while I try to MAKE SURE everyone can see the words on my shirt!
That being said I HAVE to make fitness a larger priority in my life. Being active makes me happy, energizes me and I want to model the benefits and importance of physical activity for my kids.

Before kids, I LOVED going the gym and would often be there at 5:30am before heading off to work. My favorite form of exercise is spinning but I also enjoy yoga and Pilates. I’ve never tried Pilates on a reformer but I would LOVE to!

I’m writing this post today because today is the first day of a fitness challenge group that I joined. It’s 3 weeks long and there are only a few of us in the group. I’m hoping that being a part of a smaller group will help to hold me accountable and I love to support others on their journey! I’ll try to check back in once a week to let you know how big of a badass, or how lazy, I’ve been! Ha!

I’d love to hear what your struggles are with getting yourself to workout or what your favorite types of exercise are! How do you get past the low energy slump and get yourself to the gym?



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