Friday Favorites!

Hello and happy Friday everyone!  I’m kicking off this Friday with some of my favorite things.


1. Face masks

Let’s talk face masks, if I’m being honest it took me a long time to get into a routine of washing my face at night. I would leave my makeup on and wash it off in the morning, disgusting I know. Over the last few years, once I realized that this is the only face I’m going to get, I tried to get into a better skincare routine and I would say for the most part I’ve been pretty successful!  Anyway, long story short I am in love with Beautycounter’s Brightening and Plumping Face Masks. They are amazing!!! My skin feels so soft and smooth afterwards and they are helping to reduce the appearance of sun spots on my face (thank you teenage years and tanning booths).  I was feeling generous at the time of writing this post and decided to spare you all the pretty picture of me with a white face mask, you’re welcome. Feel free to thank me later.


2. Planning 1rst Birthdays

We are celebrating Camryn’s 1rst birthday with friends and family this weekend and I am so excited! We’re having a Little Pumpkin themed party and I love crafting up decorations (whether or not I’m actually good at it is debatable). I adore this sweet little girl and hope I never forget the way it felt to hold this precious little girl for the first time.


3.  White Pumpkin Pie M&Ms

Forgive me for introducing you to these delicious confections.  They are so yummy, I hesitated at first as we all know there is nothing about these little treats that is real Pumpkin Pie but I went for them anyway because…I have no willpower (I’m working on that though). Or, heed my warning and stay far away from them and you can thank me later for preventing you from devouring them. Your welcome. #takinonefortheteamimg_8035-1

4. Beautiful Fall Days

I work part-time as a physical therapist and I had to work this past Wednesday. The weather was gorgeous here in Minnesota and all I could think about was getting home to enjoy the beautiful day with my kids. When I got home we quickly gathered our things and headed to Afton Apple Orchard which is near where we live. The kids and I had so much fun! This orchard has a petting zoo, playground, apple picking (obvs), hayrides and more! Totally awesome! In case anyone’s wondering if I have a 4th child I’ve neglected before now, we brought one of Parker’s best buds along for the adventure! Hope he enjoyed the crazy!

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your weekend with your friends and family!



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