Friday Favorites!



It’s Friday and I’m back with A Little Bit of Everything, Grace and Love and Momfessionals to share some of my FAVORITE things this Friday!

First, can I just say…someone pinch me! I cannot believe it’s December 14th already. I’ve been busy making my list and checking it twice this holiday season and we’ve definitely been enjoying ourselves with holiday celebrations!  What are some of your favorite holiday traditions or things you look forward to most each year?

First up….

This Tree Dazzler! Have you ever heard of such a thing? I hadn’t until a few weeks ago when I was on a girls weekend and a couple of my girlfriends mentioned their Tree Dazzler. Basically, it’s a halo (fitting for the season) with 8 different strands of lights hanging from it. You place the halo on the top of your tree and drape the strings of lights down the branches.

My husband and I really enjoy the beauty of all white Christmas lights on the tree but the kids enjoy multi-colored lights. The Tree Dazzler allows you to choose from 16 different light settings, which is so fun for the kids and changes things up depending on how you want the tree to look! I found mine at our local Ace Hardware but you can get them on Amazon too!









Here’s our tree, along with the Dazzler, in all her glory!

Second up..

I’ve always loved The Grinch movie and awhile ago I had found a bunch of Grinch themed goodies and beverages on Pinterest to go with our movie night. These Grinch cookies were a hit and have become an annual delicacy at our house! They are SUPER easy to make and delicious. This year, the kids and I even packaged them up and delivered them to the school bus drivers.


Here’s the Recipe!

My Third Favorite this week…

Camryn had her first holiday show for dance class. These tots were just so adorable dancing to their favorite holiday songs. It was definitely fun to see Camryn bop around to the music and get into the performance.



Fourth Fav…

I am OBSESSED with these Kate Spade stud earrings that are currently on sale at Nordstrom, they have such a variety of stones to choose from and in my opinion they’re the perfect little accessory. We’re gifting a couple of the kid’s teachers with these little gems this year!



And lastly, these two little loves have spent a lot of time reading together this week. We have a large collection of Christmas books that the kids have been enjoying this season and I’m glad to see them spending time together reading them!




Have a great weekend everyone!!


Melissa @ Finding My Mojo

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!

  1. Oh I love those Grinch cookiesl I have seen those Tree-dazzlers and wondered how they worked. What a fun and festive list of favorites!


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