Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday ladies! We made it!!Finding My Mojo Blog

On Fridays I link up with Grace and Love, Momfessionals and A Little Bit of Everything blogs to share what things we’re favoriting this week! Here it goes ladies:

  1. Phone mount for my car ~starting August 1 the state of Minnesota highway patrol is going to crack down on drivers using their phones while operating their vehicles. While it’s always been illegal to do anything other than talk or use GPS on your phone while driving they will be more strictly enforcing these laws and have said only “one touch” operation of the phone will be allowed. I use my GPS all day long on days that I work and often have my phone in my hand to see the route more clearly so this device is super handy for me. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks and really love it!

2. Justin’s Dark Peanut Butter Cups~ I feel like if I don’t have something with chocolate on my favorite list every week…I haven’t really listed all my favorite things. #whoswithme  I picked these up at Target but I know they sell them at most grocery stores and even sell them individually wrapped at Starbucks. All I’m going to say is YUMM!


3. Kid’s Bog Boots~

Apparently Camryn was just as excited as I was when these beauts showed up at our door. I ordered them during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, which is still going on, and they were such a good price! We love these boots around our house because you can wear them in the rain and snow (they are made to withstand temps up to -30deg which we need here in the frozen Tundra) , they’re SUPER durable and the kids can easily take them on and off themselves. I usually buy 1 size up for each of the kids so they can get a couple of seasons out of them!

Findingmy Mojo Blog
Swimsuit…optional, boots are a non-negotiable. Ha!

4. Birkenstocks

I talked about my love for my Birks in an earlier post this week when I mentioned what I’m wearing. I wear them ALL THE TIME and I’m so glad I got them. They’re super comfortable, durable and I can wear them with just about anything. Win. Win. Win!


5. This Girl on a Swing~ Camryn loves to swing on swings and she is just the sweetest because she just keeps saying “higher, higher, go higher”! I swear she thinks she’s about to touch the sky. I love her so and SHE is one of my favorites! Ovi, I just realized I have not one but three pics of her on this post #sorryotherkidsbut2yearoldsarecute


6. Vacation Bible School~ Laney had vacation bible school this week and she totally LOVED it. Seeing her learn more about how much God loves her is one my favorite things too.


7. Stella and Dot~ Jewels from Stella&Dot have been one of my favorite things for a long time. When I saw the fall line come out a couple of weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to be more than just a customer and that I wanted to spread the SD love myself! I’m excited to have joined one of my favorite companies! Woot! Woot!


Thanks for stopping by today! Have a great weekend!


Melissa @ Finding My Mojo

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