Friday Favorites!

It’s Friday and I’m back with my favorites! Today, I’m linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea and all I can say is, TGIF!!img_82011. First up, Halloween!

I have a love/hate relationship with this holiday. As an adult, I don’t really get into coming up with a costume (mostly because I’m just not that creative to think of anything good) and I don’t like to waste the time and money thinking about it. I do, however, love to help the kids choose their costumes. I don’t love when they decide, after I’ve already bought said costume, that they want to be something else. #FTL! I typically stay home and pass out candy, I love seeing all of the kids and the costumes they’ve come up with. I don’t love when the doorbell is still ringing after our kid’s have gone to bed. #shhhdontwakethebaby I love walking up to doors with our own kids and hearing them say “trick or treat” in their sweet little voices, I don’t love all the candy they haul home. #sugarfordays    It’s kind of become a tradition that my brother, his wife (Missy) and my niece Skylar come over on Halloween for dinner and trick or treating. Skylar is just 7 months old so she hung back with Cami, while my brother went with Jared, Parker and Laney. Overall, we had a great night. See you next year Halloween!

Camryn the kitty
Laney as a Good Witch Parker as Ash the Pokémon Collector
All 3 of our munchkins and my niece Skylar the cupcake. I’m not sure she knows what to do with all the commotion at our house!
The outtake. This pic was taken just after Jared had taken Cami’s bottle away from her before the picture was taken. Camryn “give me back my bottle Daddy!”. Parker “Dad, are you sure this is a good idea?”. Laney “Give her the dang bottle already Dad.” Hahaha! Thanks for catching this pic Uncle Tyler!
All of the kid’s in their jammies after trick or treating!
Camryn checking out the empty candy bucket the next morning, haha!

2. Kate Somerville’s Dry Skin Saver

I stopped into Nordstrom’s last week to get a new mascara, while there I asked the salesperson if there was anything she would recommend for dry, chapped lips. My skin gets sooo dry and my lips get so chapped when the weather starts to cool down. It’s really bad and lasts all winter long. I’ve tried all different kinds of lip balms and try to stay hydrated but nothing seems to work. Well, the salesperson recommended this Dry Skin Saver , for the face, body and lips. Downside is, it only comes in this large bottle so you’ve got to put it in a smaller container to take it on the go. So far, I feel like it’s really helped to keep my lips moisturized. Anyone else have anything they swear by to remedy dry, cracked lips?

kateS3. Trish McEvoy Mascara

Since I mentioned that I had gone to Nordys for my mascara fix, I should probably tell you which one’s my fav.  I LOVE Trish’s High Volume Mascara.  I’ve been a mascara “snob” for a long time and think that you pay more for a better quality mascara but I have friends who SWEAR by their Maybelline mascara or other drugstore brands. So a few months ago, I cheated on Trish and bought some Maybelline. I didn’t mind the drugstore mascara too much but in my opinion it doesn’t last as long and is much more difficult to get off than Trish’s. So back to Trish I went. I’m showing you a stock photo because I actually didn’t get my mascara that day. Starting today, Nordstrom’s is running their buy 2 get 1 free mascara promo (I’m not sure how long it runs). I gave all my info to the Nordy’s salesperson last week and once the sale starts they’ll just ship them to me. Nothing beats Nordstrom’s customer service. For those of you wondering if the mascara will keep if you’re buying 3 at once, the salesperson told me that as long as the tube stays closed it can last 10 years. Yes, 10 years. Now, I go through one tube every 3-4 months so I’m not too worried;)mascara

4. Hallmark Movies Now

Last week, I noticed a new app on our Sony Blu-ray player called Hallmark Movies Now. We only have basic TV channels, Amazon Prime and Netflix. There are so many more options out there now to watch my favorite shows than there were 5 years ago. It’s getting easier and easier to access the shows I want without having to pay the premium price of having all of the cable channels. Anyway, Hallmark Movies Now offers a free 7-day trial period and then is $5.99/month after for the subscription. I’ve heard there aren’t any holiday movies on the app but maybe that will change once Christmas gets a little closer. #onecanonlyhope  For now, I’m enjoying the large selection of sappy movies:)

5. Grace, Not Perfection

I finished this book while we were on our trip to Chicago a couple of weeks ago. I’m really not great about “reviewing” books, all I can say is I really enjoyed it. The author, Emily Ley, designs daily planners so the aesthetics and design of the book are beautiful and eye catching. The book itself offers words of encouragement to us mamas who are in the trenches of motherhood and trying to fake it till we make it!

6. Mani/Pedis with one of my besties

I escaped the house last Sunday for pedis with one of my besties. Getting away with my girlfriends, especially this one, is definitely one of my favorite things. We were chatting too much and I forgot to take a pic but here’s a pic of my perfectly polished nails. Woot!img_8797

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  I hope you all have a great weekend spending time with friends and family! Wish me luck this weekend, I’ll be flying solo while Jared’s off hunting deer with my dad and brother.





Friday Favorites

img_8555Happy Friday! I feel like I’ve been anticipating this weekend since school began 7 weeks ago. I’m not sure if it’s the same in the rest of the the country but in Minnesota we have what’s called MEA weekend and it’s the first “break” the kids have during the school year. This week is MEA week so the kids have been off from school since yesterday. If I think I’m happy about fall break, I can’t imagine how my teacher friends feel! Praise the lord for all the teachers out there. #howdotheydoit #theyresaintsitellyou

This Friday I’m linking up with A Little Bit of Everything, Momfessionals and Grace and Love  to tell you about my Friday Favorites!

1. Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner

I’m still reading “Grace not Perfection” by Emily Ley and love the design esthetic of her book so I decided to look more into her simplified planners. I’m running out of months in my current Erin Condren planner, which I love, but I want to try something new. I ordered the weekly planner instead of the daily because I typically don’t use all of the space a daily planner has. I choose the gold pineapple design but there were two others to choose from.  They were sold out on Emily’s sight so I googled her planner and found that they are also sold on a website called…I think I could get myself into trouble here because they’ve got a lot of random things that I could convince myself that I need.  You should definitely check it out and thank me later!img_8409

2. Beautiful Fall Weather

We’ve had an amazing week of fabulous weather here in Minnesota! The kids have enjoyed a lot of outdoor play after school and I’m all too happy for them to get their energy out OUTDOORS!

Parker had some buddies over after school on Friday and let me tell you, I was totally outnumbered! Ha!

3. Tieks

Jared and I are headed to Chicago this weekend for a little getaway and I packed one of my favorite pairs of shoes. Have you ever tried Tieks?! They’re a ballet flat but not JUST any ballet flat…they are the most comfortable pair of flats you will EVER wear. They come in a zillion different patters and colors too. I was gifted my first pair by one of my best friends who, lucky for me, also has amazing style! I have the ballet slipper pink ones and I’ve found them to be super versatile. I think next on my wish list would be a pair of black ones.

4. Field Trips

A couple of weeks ago I went on a field trip with Laney’s school to the Zoo. I love joining the kids on field trips and spending time with them at school. Although, I will say let’s give a shoutout to the teachers again (#stilldontknowhowtheydoit)…those kids were everywhere at the zoo! Laney didn’t want her pic taken so I don’t have many!

That’s a wrap for Favorites this Friday, thanks for visiting!



Friday Favorites!


Happy Friday Saturday everyone! I’m a day late to the party and I’m bringing my Friday Favorites on Saturday!  Today, I’m linking up with Erika at A Little Bit of Everything,  Momfessionals and The Grace and Love Blog for their weekly Friday Favorites!

It’s been a dreary, rainy fall day here in Minnesota. I’m really hoping the weather clears up because we have a busy weekend ahead! Without further ado…here are some of my favorites!

1.”You are Special Today” Red Plate

We’ve made it a tradition in our family that on someone’s “special” day they get to eat off the red plate for the day. Birthdays, first day of school, school program, a dance recital or an important sports game are all days that we celebrate as “special” days. The plate comes with a black marker, which we use to write the date and occasion on which the plate was used. The kids love it! This week, Camryn ate off the red plate for the first time to celebrate her birthday!

We had waffle ice cream cones for her birthday breakfast, the kids loved them!:) #thankyoupinterest #imnothatcreative

2. Spiced Pumpkin Yankee Candle

I love to burn candles in the fall and winter that remind me of the season. Right now I’m burning the  Spiced Pumpkin scent, do you have a favorite fall scented candle that you’re burning? Around Christmastime I bring out the Red Apple Wreath candle, yumm!  I have been considering making the switch to essential oils for quite some time and may look into that too around Christmas!img_8319

3.   Nail Polish

I would take a picture of this polish on my toes but I don’t want to scare you away. So, you’ll have to settle for a pic of me holding it:)  I love this color for fall, so pretty! It’s called Bahama Mama by Essie.  I don’t typically paint my fingernails because I don’t have enough time to go get them done and I’m never sitting around long enough at home to paint them and let them dry!  #improbablynottheonlyonewiththisproblemimg_8318

4. “Grace, Not Perfection” by Emily Ley

I’m not sure how or why, maybe it was divine intervention, but a few weeks ago Emily Ley’s business page started showing up in my Facebook news feed. Emily apparently designs daily/weekly planners. I was intrigued by the super cute style of the planner and had also noticed that a few of my friends had “Liked” her page. Then, I came across a book at Target last week, “Grace, Not Perfect” and realized the author is, yes you guessed it….Emily Ley. So I had to check it out! I’m enjoying it so far and I’m about 1/4 of the way through, gonna try to make this my first book read of the month. If I get through an entire book in the first week of the month, it’s going to be a miracle!!  Has anyone else read this book or purchased her planners before?!  She has a blog too, which I’m going to check out! Capture

Thank you for visiting Finding My Mojo today! Have a lovely weekend with your family and friends!




Friday Favorites!

Hello and happy Friday everyone!  I’m kicking off this Friday with some of my favorite things.


1. Face masks

Let’s talk face masks, if I’m being honest it took me a long time to get into a routine of washing my face at night. I would leave my makeup on and wash it off in the morning, disgusting I know. Over the last few years, once I realized that this is the only face I’m going to get, I tried to get into a better skincare routine and I would say for the most part I’ve been pretty successful!  Anyway, long story short I am in love with Beautycounter’s Brightening and Plumping Face Masks. They are amazing!!! My skin feels so soft and smooth afterwards and they are helping to reduce the appearance of sun spots on my face (thank you teenage years and tanning booths).  I was feeling generous at the time of writing this post and decided to spare you all the pretty picture of me with a white face mask, you’re welcome. Feel free to thank me later.


2. Planning 1rst Birthdays

We are celebrating Camryn’s 1rst birthday with friends and family this weekend and I am so excited! We’re having a Little Pumpkin themed party and I love crafting up decorations (whether or not I’m actually good at it is debatable). I adore this sweet little girl and hope I never forget the way it felt to hold this precious little girl for the first time.


3.  White Pumpkin Pie M&Ms

Forgive me for introducing you to these delicious confections.  They are so yummy, I hesitated at first as we all know there is nothing about these little treats that is real Pumpkin Pie but I went for them anyway because…I have no willpower (I’m working on that though). Or, heed my warning and stay far away from them and you can thank me later for preventing you from devouring them. Your welcome. #takinonefortheteamimg_8035-1

4. Beautiful Fall Days

I work part-time as a physical therapist and I had to work this past Wednesday. The weather was gorgeous here in Minnesota and all I could think about was getting home to enjoy the beautiful day with my kids. When I got home we quickly gathered our things and headed to Afton Apple Orchard which is near where we live. The kids and I had so much fun! This orchard has a petting zoo, playground, apple picking (obvs), hayrides and more! Totally awesome! In case anyone’s wondering if I have a 4th child I’ve neglected before now, we brought one of Parker’s best buds along for the adventure! Hope he enjoyed the crazy!

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your weekend with your friends and family!



Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Well, we survived another week! Things continue to be hectic over here as we continue to work on the mudroom/bathroom/laundry/office re-model. Everything that is normally stored in these rooms is just circulating around the house which makes me feel a tad bit unorganized. I cannot wait until it’s finished. #forthelove #notenoughhoursintheday

Today I’m linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea to tell you about my favorite things!

1. Being Mystery Reader at Parker’s School

Going to school this morning to read to Parker’s class as a Mystery Reader is definitely one of this week’s favorite things!  I really enjoyed starting my day with being Mystery Reader in Parker’s 1rst Grade classroom. I read the book “The Legend of Paper, Rock, Scissors” and it was a hit!  There was some usage of the word butt in the book that had me wondering if his teacher would ever ask me back. Haha!  #alwaysreadthebookfirst  I stayed for a little while longer and did some volunteer work for his teach. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of Parker and I, the teacher has one though!

2. Impromptu Lunch with Delaney

Today was filled with some of my most favorite things!!  After being at Parker’s school, I headed over to Delaney’s school to drop off a special birthday treat for her teacher.  The timing ended up being perfect, I was there at Delaney’s lunch time so I got to stay and enjoy lunch with her!  I love my sweet girl so much!img_7991

3.  Pumpkin Spice Lattes

The weather in Minnesota cannot decide if we’re heading towards fall or lingering in the summertime heat. It was in the 80s today but Pumpkin Spice Lattes are out in full force! They’re on the sugary side for me so I probably won’t be having too many of them but nothing says fall is coming like PSLs!


4.  My Mom!

My mom is always a favorite of mine, of course, but I was able to spend this special time with Parker and Laney this morning because she was taking care of Camryn back at home. I couldn’t be more grateful for a mom who is always here for the kids and I and willing to lend a helping hand!img_7999

5. My Erin Condren Planner

My sister gifted me my first Erin Condren planner last year as a pre-baby gift (is there such a thing?!). Apparently she thought I was going to need some extra help organizing my schedule once #3 came along. #shecouldnthavebeenmoreright  I LOVE this planner. It’s great that the covers are interchangeable throughout the seasons and there’s plenty of room to add detail to the monthly or weekly pages.  It’s about time for me to get a new planner for the next year. If anyone else has a planner that they adore, I’d love to hear about it!  Erin’s planners are kind of expensive and I’d love a less expensive option!

6.Toasted Marshmallow and Pumpkin Latte Lotion and Spray

I almost exclusively use all Beautycounter makeup and skin care products because  I love that all of their ingredients are safe and not harmful to my body or the environment. However, I have a particular weakness to these scents as they remind me of fall and smell so cozy (is it possible for something to smell) cozy! I just love  this scent during the fall!  Do you have any favorite products that smell like fall?


That’s a wrap for this week’s favorites!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy spending time with your friends and family!