What’s Up Wednesday

What's Up Wednesday

It’s the last Wednesday of the month and that means I’m linking up with Mix and Match Mama and Sheaffer Told Me To for their What’s Up Series where we talk about…what’s happenin’ these days!

1.What We’re Eating This Week

During the school year, we have activities just about every night after school…which makes every night equally hectic when it comes to planning out what’s for dinner. I find that I am a lot less stressed if we at least have a plan for the week for dinner, even if it means we’re going out!

During the summer, we’ve been fortunate to have only 2-3 weeknights with organized activities which means a lot more flexibility and less rush when it comes to dinner time! I work Monday/Wednesday which also happens to be when Delaney has soccer so I’ve decided from here on out, those nights will be either Crockpot or Instapot meals.

I usually only meal plan Monday thru Thursday and then we wing it on the weekends. This week’s menu is made up of recipes from my Pinterest Board. I have a board called “This Week’s Menu” that I move recipes for the week to so I can access them quickly.  Here’s what’s on the menu this week for us:

2. What I’m Reminiscing About

I’m reminiscing about the road trip we took to Ohio a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about it on Monday’s blog if you want to go back and read it! Even though it can get a little crazy sometimes taking the kids out of their “element” ; I love spending uninterrupted one on one time with them and taking them to see new things. We try to take them on a summer vacay each summer and usually the end of our little trip also means summer is nearing it’s end too. Time goes so fast and I want to enjoy these moments with kids while they still enjoy being with me!  What are you reminiscing about?!

Mojo Travels~Summer Road trip

4. What We’ve Been Up To

While we love to watch Parker play baseball, we’ve been enjoying the fact that we only have Delaney playing sports right now. We have more free time without all the activities going on so we’ve been checking things off on our summer bucket list! I think I’m going to blog about the things we’ve done so far on our list in the next week or two! What are we missing from our SUMMER BUCKET LIST?


5. What I’m Dreading

The kids going back to school! As much as I need a break some days, I still love to have them home with me!

6. What I’m Working On

I don’t think I’m really working on anything right now…this is making me think I better start!

7. What I’m Excited About

We are going to spend the last week of summer vacation up at my parent’s house on the lake and I’m really looking forward to some relaxation with the kids!

8. What I’m Watching/Reading

I’m finishing listening to Beartown on Audible at the moment. A friend highly recommended the book to me because we’re a hockey family but I never really got into it. We started listening to the book on our way home from Ohio so I’m wondering if maybe I was just too distracted to really tune into it. If you’ve read it and loved it, let me know maybe I’ll give it another shot.


I’m not really watching anything at this point…after binge watching all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones in the month of June (#iprobablyshouldntadmitthat) , I’m feeling like I could do without TV for awhile.

9. What I’m Listening To

I typically listen to Podcasts when I’m driving and usually tune into Rise, Parenting Beyond Discipline, Rise Together, Ted Talks, Goal Digger and Oprah’s super soul conversations.

10. What I’m Wearing

I’ve been wearing a whole lot of athleisure this summer but no matter what I’m wearing 99.9% of the time I also wearing my Birkenstocks. This is the first pair I’ve owned and I LOVE them. Side note~ did you know that you’re supposed to seal the core whenever it starts to loose it’s shininess?

Finding my Mojo~ what's up wednesday

11. What I’m Doing this Weekend

This weekend we have dinner plans with friends on Friday, I work on Saturday  and Sunday we have the day all to ourselves. Hoping to do something outdoors and maybe have a bonfire!

12. What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month

Next month Jared and I are taking a trip to Newport, RI and we’re super excited! If any of you have been, comment below with any tips or things we must see/do!

13. What Else is New:

As they say, no news is good news!

Thanks for stopping by!


Melissa @ Finding My Mojo


Mojo Travels- Summer family road trip.


A couple of weeks ago, our family of five took a little mini road trip from Minnesota to Ohio to visit family.  I had never been to Ohio before or driven further than Chicago, so we were really unsure of where to stop along the way. Through my research, I use that term loosely, of our route I discovered Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, which is just 45 minutes of north of Chicago. The pictures of the lakeshore were beautiful and had me very interested in checking it out more but when I looked into where to stay, the options were pretty slim. We decided to break the trip up by stopping in Wisconsin Dells first, followed by Indiana Dunes and then finish our journey on the 3rd day by reaching our destination in Ohio.


We love to visit Wisconsin Dells both during the summer and winter months and we always stay at the Wilderness Resort. They have many different lodging options to accommodate a wide variety of group sizes and events. There are 3 outdoor pools on property, as well as 2 indoor ones so no matter the weather you’ll find entertainment for the kids! Being that we only had one day in the Dells, we spent out entire day at the pool and just ordered pizza to our room to keep it easy. When we have more time to spend in the Dells, we enjoy going to see the Tommy Bartlett Show, ride the Army Ducks and spend an afternoon walking around downtown. We’ve also eaten at Ishnala many times. The meal is served  old school supper club style but my favorite thing about this restaurant is it’s location. The restaurant is actually build into a cliff and one side of the restaurant is completing covered in windows allowing you to see a beautiful view of Mirror Lake.


Day 2

Our kids are early risers so we were on the road and headed to Indiana Dunes by 8am and reached the Dunes visitor center by noon.  Indiana Dunes is on the northern part of Indiana along the Lake Michigan shore.  I would totally recommend stopping at the visitor center before you go anywhere else to find out more about the area if you aren’t already familiar. There are many hiking trails, beaches and other ecological points of interest in the area.


There are several beaches in the area but we enjoyed spending our time at  Ogden Dunes and West Beach the most. If you forget your beach chairs and sand toys they sell them at their little canteen. We ate lunch at The Port and were sadly not impressed, the food was just not good but we loved the old fashioned diner concept!  We ate dinner at El Salto in Chesterton and unfortunately that was not very good either. Our dining experiences in the Dunes were a total bust, so if you’ve been before and have some insider recommendations on where to eat, where to stay and what to do send them my way!


Side note, just before the trip I got Camryn some Keen sandals. I my opinion either these or Native shoes are THE BEST SHOES for kids, you can get them wet, they stay on your feet well and they clean up easy. I’m so glad she had these on the trip! As for me, I lived in my Athleta shortsAthleta shorts and Birks!


Day 3-5

On the third day we woke up and hit the road early again, with the time change we didn’t end up getting to our destination until mid afternoon. The kids really enjoyed spending time with their cousins and practically lived at the pool during our stay!



I love to get my morning coffee from local establishements and got a delicious mocha from the Fox in the Snow, it was delicious and so was their blueberry galette. I would totally recommend treating yourself if you ever find yourself near a Fox and the Snow!


Before we headed out for the day, we had lunch at Hot Chicken Take Over. My sister-in-law thought we had to stop there because Parker LOVES friend chicken and let me tell you, this place did not disappoint! So. Good!!

All smiles after an amazing lunch! Gimme all the chicken! HA!

Next we visited Legoland Columbus and although the kids love legos and enjoyed their time at Legoland I don’t think I would go again.


After Legoland, we went to Johnson’s Ice Cream. It was amazing, so good that the kids devoured their cones so fast I didn’t get a chance to take a pic!

On our last day we once again spend the day at the pool until late afternoon when we packed up and headed for home. The drive was a bit too long for our youngest, she just couldn’t find a comfortable way to sleep…I don’t blame her after a 12 hour drive. Next time, we’d probably break the trip home up too!


Thanks for stopping by and reading about our little trip!  I always enjoy having some type of adventure on the calendar, where is your favorite place to take your family or what have been your favorite road trips? I’d love to hear!

Happy Monday!

Melissa @ Finding My Mojo